Current projects

W4P – Crowdsourcing open innovation
An open crowdsourcing platform for open and social innovation projects

W4P is a collaboration between Open Knowledge Belgium and iDROPS and supported by the EU and the CHESTproject. This Open Source platform will enable cities, foundations and community groups to setup a lightweight crowdsourcing platform for projects that seek financial aid, coaching, volunteers or materials.

Open Summer of code
A programme where students develop open source apps, goods and services

Open Summer of code, or #oSoc, is a three week programme in which students can partcipate. Every year, 25 students get the opportunity to create an app or service for a client. On their quest, they’re accompanied by talented coaches and work all over Belgium. Goal of this all? Create something valuable for their client and learn a thing or two about Open Knowledge.

Want to participate as a student or want to hire a team of students as a client? Open Summer of code is incredible project. Check out our website.

Open Belgium
Open Belgium is a community driven news platform and annual conference on Open Knowledge in Belgium hosted by Open Knowledge Belgium

Open Belgium

Open Belgium is a platform where try to bring together the community and acknowledge their efforts in bringing us closer to a more open Belgium by organising events across the country. Open Belgium has a yearly conference to give an idea of the state of play in different Open Knowledge domains in Belgium.

Volunteering? We can always use people with keen organisational skills as well as helping hands during the events. Crazy about communication and event management? Contact us.

Unify Belgian datasets


DCAT provides context or metadata for datasets. By using DCAT, others can easily find and search across all the datasets published in Belgium in a unified way. The DCAT-BE standard is from the DCAT-AP standard, the European standard. DCAT-BE extends DCAT-AP by adding a theme taxonomy for Belgium.

The DataTank
Transforming data formats into web readable formats

The Datatank

The DataTank is a tool which publishes data to the Web from a series of formats. The tool is maintained as an open source project within Open Knowledge Belgium and is thus open source software.

You can help lifting The DataTank to the next level, by joining our user group of enthusiasts who meets regularly to determine the next priorities of The DataTank development. Contact us in one of the following ways.

Past projects

Letting youngsters discover Open Data through interactive video


This project is being developed as we speak. Bottom line? How can we get youngsters to learn more about Open Data in a fun and accessible way. We chose to bring our message through interactive video, as young adults tend to be visual types. Datawijs will contain several videos about Open Data, its history, and more importantly its future and how the youngsters themselves can work with it. Starting out with definitions about Open Data, to ultimately end up creating a first application of visualisation based on existing open datasets.

Apps for Europe
Turning data into business

Apps for Europe

Apps for Europe is a support network that provides tools to transform ideas for data based apps into viable businesses. It brings a powerful European network of individuals and organisations who have been involved in open data programmes and in supporting promising ideas to help ideas to scale.

Combining social, location and mobile platforms/services

Combining social, location and mobile platforms/services is an interesting business opportunity. People often hold back to use these services to the fullest, out of fear for their privacy. SoLoMIDEM delivers targeted and context-rich communication, while it ensures control over your mobile identity and privacy, doesn’t harm your confidence and allows a variety of 3rd parties an efficient way to benefit and hook up to such platforms.