Open Knowledge Belgium is an umbrella organisation (non-profit/vzw/asbl) for Open Knowledge initiatives. It is a grass-roots (read: bottom-up) organisation to make Open Knowledge and Open Data happen in our country.

Open Knowledge Belgium is ran by a board of 9 directors, daily management of 4 people and our organisation has currently 1 employee (we’re hiring though).

If you would like to have your activities under our wing, please contact us at our mailinglist.

This is the official website of the legal entity called Open Knowledge Belgium. Were you looking for our Open Belgium conference instead?

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So why does Belgium rank so low?

In our article on the 9th of December we’ve talked about Belgium scoring slightly higher on the Global Open Data Index. We went from 58th to 53rd. And even though we have positive aspirations for 2015 because we now have a federal minister of the Digital Agenda who is directly responsible for Open Data and […]

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Belgium scores slightly higher on the Global Open Data Index, big expectations for 2015

According to the Global Open Data Index, Belgium ranks 53d out of 97 countries, going up from 27% to 39%. A status quo one might think, knowing that last year Belgium ranked 58th, but a lot has happened since. The Global Data Index, a tool developed by Open Knowledge, ranks 97 nations based on 10 […]

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The final way to become an Apps for Europe finalist.

Are you making an open data based app? Apps for Europe runs an annual competition to find the best new apps across Europe that we can help scale into viable businesses. Who can enter? Anyone that uses some form of open data in their application or service! How do I enter? You need to enter your application online, all the local […]

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