Open Knowledge Belgium is an umbrella organisation (non-profit/vzw/asbl) for Open Knowledge initiatives. It is a grass-roots (read: bottom-up) organisation to make Open Knowledge and Open Data happen in our country.

Open Knowledge Belgium is ran by a board of 9 directors, daily management of 4 people and our organisation has currently 1 employee (we’re hiring though).

If you would like to have your activities under our wing, please contact us at our mailinglist.

This is the official website of the legal entity called Open Knowledge Belgium. Were you looking for our Open Belgium conference instead?

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Crowdsourcing the next open Summer of code speakers

Last saturday we organised ‘SWACKday’, a hackday attended by our #oSoc14 students and a few #oSoc15 candidates (hell yeah, new blood). The focus of the hackday was on building the new version of the Apps for X website as initiated by team SWAG during the Apps for Ghent hackathon. Which ended up in mostly setting […]

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The Belgian railway company just recently decided to stop supporting RailTime. An app which was perceived as being better than the official NMBS/SNCB app

The PSI law ready before the summer

At our conference Open Belgium 2015, the cabinet of Theo Francken (administrative simplification) and the cabinet of Alexander De Croo (digital agenda) announced that they’re going to work together to implement the European PSI directive, and where necessary, even go further than what Europe tells us to do. Today, we got the great news that NMBS/SNCB […]

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Another intern joins the team

Another intern joins the open team!

Hey, I’m Sander and I’m the newest addition to the intern team of Open Knowledge Belgium. With me as a new recruit our intern workforce has been increased by 100%! Which means we can do at least twice as much work. I will be spending the next 8 weeks at Open Knowledge Belgium, working on […]

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